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LifeGive™ Chlorella (organic) is a single cell Green Algae that is an excellent source of protein that is easily digested.  Chlorella is packed with nutrition and has many benefits that combined nourish, detoxify and regenerate your body.  Chlorella is an exceptional and well studied superfood.


Chlorella has been shown to:


  • Improves vitamin and mineral absorption
  • Supports health blood sugar regulation
  • Increase the elimination of heavy metals & pesticides
  • Lowers blood glucose levels
  • Supports healthy inflammatory responses
  • May improve energy levels
  • Supports the optimum regeneration of RNA/ DNA.


It has been shown to increase the elimination of heavy metals and pesticides from the gastrointestinal tract, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and bones. It is helpful with blood sugar regulation, for both hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes.


Changes in the expression of genes involved in the insulin signaling pathway are positively affected by chlorella, especially those related to glucose uptake in tissue, providing support for the observation that chlorella lowers blood glucose levels. Studies show that chlorella is useful for the absorption of dietary lipids. It brings about improvements in fat metabolism, making it an effective supplement to lower triglycerides and cholesterol, resulting in improved cardiovascular health. It also has been shown to improve vitamin and mineral absorption, decrease inflammation, increase energy levels, and help to heal and repair human RNA/ DNA.


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Per container: 1500 tablets


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