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About LifeGive

Formulated by the World Renown Hippocrates Wellness (Hippocrates Health Institute)

Clean | Raw | Vegan

For nearly 70 years, Hippocrates Wellness (formerly Hippocrates Health Institute) has stood as the world’s leading wellness centre for reclaiming health and longevity.  Devoted Co-directors, Brian and Anna Maria Clement, have ignited change, championing life transformation through dietary re-education, and holistic and integrative therapies, guiding people toward optimal well-being.

This is why they developed their line of LifeGive supplements over 30 years ago.  The LifeGive range of health supplements were among the first to offer real vitamins and minerals made from real, wholesome foods and botanicals.  This was rare for the time.  The overwhelming majority of supplements available then, and now still, are a cocktail of synthetic chemicals presented as natural vitamins and minerals.

LifeGive supplements are made from pure plants and foods as they occur in nature, which means they are readily absorbed and assimilated by the body.  They are processed at low temperatures to preserve their heat-sensitive enzymes and nutrients.  The ingredients that make up LifeGive supplements are grown without chemicals, harvested with great care, and packaged very carefully to ensure life and bio-availability.

LifeGive supplements are made to the highest standards and are GMP quality controlled.

LifeGive™ supplements contain:

  • No Chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides or Fungicides
  • No Fillers
  • No Allergens
  • No Soy, Dairy, Corn, Gluten or Starch
  • No Animal Products
  • No Cheap, Ineffective, & Unbalanced Synthetic “Isolates”

Why Naturally Occurring?

Naturally occurring supplements are those that come from whole raw and living plants and foods.  The body recognizes and uses these supplements as a food. Not only can our bodies digest them easily, but they can also use the nutrition fully.  Synthetic supplements on the other hand are laboratory-manufactured substances that have a similar chemical structure as their naturally occurring counterparts.

While these substances ‘look’ alike, they are totally void of the energetic and synergistic properties of the whole raw and living food matrix as created by nature.

Concentrating food extracts in a positively controlled, non-heated environment preserves the benefits of all the naturally occurring nutrients, enzymes, and other factors in its relationship to the food itself.  When companies manufacture chemical supplements, on the other hand, they create the isolated chemical structures that may be contained in natural foods with only isolated, dead chemicals—the food itself is not utilized except to determine the structure of the food compound they are wishing to create or copy.  The body knows the difference between natural and synthetic and therefore sees these artificial, chemical supplements as toxic, similar to how it sees pure synthetic pharmaceuticals or drugs.  More than 95% of all vitamin supplements and most of the other “nutritional” supplements on the market today are made with laboratory-based, synthetic compounds, which result in damage to the body, including compromised immunity.

What’s in the LifeGive name?

“As far as the sciences have evolved in our incredible age of quantum physics and our understanding of cell biology, life is still an indefinable mystery.  Only Mother Nature can make an apple.  Only nature can make a cell.  Scientists and chemists continue to try in vain to duplicate in a laboratory the molecular structure of many different isolated natural substances.  However, when you analyse them with an electron microscope, they can look identical, yet in some invisible, yet significant, way they are not.  Although scientists can make seawater with the same chemical structure as natural seawater, when you put a salt-water fish in this synthetic environment, the fish dies.  What is it in a natural environment that sustains life?  This is one of the great mysteries of life and why we at Hippocrates developed the LifeGive line of supplements.  If chemically produced seawater cannot sustain life, how then will chemically produced supplements sustain health?

We believe that the LifeGive line of whole-food, naturally-occurring supplements is what Mother Nature intended: highly digestible food-based supplements derived from plants grown in rich, organic soils.

That’s why we call our supplements LifeGive supplements… because they give life.  We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.”

Brian Clement

Hippocrates Wellness (Hippocrates Health Institute).

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