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Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb Women’s & Men's Multivitamin

Made with Organic Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs

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Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb Men’s Multivitamin


120 Tablets | Serving Size 4 Tablets (2 x 2) | 30 Day Supply

Made with organic vegetables, fruits, and our comprehensive blend of SuperPure® herbal extracts – Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb for Men is so much more than a men’s multivitamin:

  • Complete core nutrients and targeted herbal support
  • Targeted support for your most vital organs & systems
  • Supports optimal athletic performance, endurance & recovery
  • Daily vitamins for men for support of a clear, focused, energized mind
  • Made with Organic Ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free

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The Synergy Company Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb Men’s Multivitamin 120 Tablets

Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb Men’s Multivitamin is the ultimate daily multivitamin created especially for the needs of men.

So Much More Than A Multivitamin for Men

Pure Synergy Men’s Multivitamin is more than a standard multi.  Not only does our organic multivitamin for men support energy and focus, but it also does so much more!  This comprehensive organic mens multivitamin covers all aspects of your wellness with targeted health support for your entire body.

Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb for Men has been so thoughtfully formulated, but we understand the long list of ingredients can be a little overwhelming.  Here is a bit more on each ingredient and why we included it:

Vitamins and Minerals

Our organic mens multivitamin contains easily digested forms of the core nutrients needed to support foundational wellness.  The amount of each is designed to promote optimal health, sometimes exceeding the RDA in cases where research suggests a benefit to higher amounts.


Pure Synergy Vita Min Herb Men’s Multivitamin also contains a comprehensive blend of SuperPure® herbal extracts.  Each gentle herb is targeted toward a specific benefit:

Hand’s Down, The Best Multivitamin for Men!

Can you believe we fit all these benefits into one single bottle?  Pure Synergy Men’s Multivitamin isn’t just comprehensive and convenient, its ingredients work synergistically together to create a formula that is more powerful as one than the sum of its parts.

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Suggested Use

4 tablets daily with or without food.  For best results, take 2 tablets twice daily.


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