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About The Synergy Company

Nutrients made with organic vegetable and fruit, the way nature intended


Pure herbal extracts concentrated to their fullest potential


The planets most nutrient dense ingredients in their purest, most potent forms


At The Synergy Company, health is looked at from the perspective of the whole person.  You might say that health is viewed as a natural state that is inherent to life.

This is the role of The Synergy Company’s superfood and supplement products — to offer your body a full spectrum of essential, energetically vibrant nutrients that can provide you with a foundation for sustainable health.  Unlike isolated, synthesized compounds, Pure Synergy’s products are designed to capture and preserve the unbroken, natural life force energy found only in nature.  Through these concentrated, organic whole foods, your body can rediscover its inherent radiance and well-being.  Helping you achieve this goal of personal, sustainable, health is the central focus of our uniquely formulated supplements.

The Synergy Company is founded on the belief that good faith, integrity and environmental responsibility are eminently compatible with good business.  At the heart of The Synergy Company, you’ll find an enduring 100% commitment to sustainability, quality, and value.  All of The Synergy Company’s products are made in house at their wind-powered, certified organic, award-winning facility. This means every ingredient and every step in the manufacturing process is under their complete, careful and caring control.  Their certified organic agriculture program ensures that each plant is sustainably grown and harvested in a manner that provides you with the best nutrition possible and is good for the environment.  In the end, The Synergy Company’s focus and mission is to create pure, potent, organic nutritional supplements that are not only an excellent value, but also genuinely make a difference to the health and well-being of you and our global community.