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Antidote Health Products… since 2007

At Antidote we are passionate about health.  We think of ourselves as nerds on the subject, always searching and researching for the very best nutritional supplements from around the world. Our passion extends to providing the best health supplements to you. We supply the most ground-breaking products that represent the latest in nutritional wisdom and cutting edge technologies and, most importantly, they are whole food supplements.

Our supplements do not contain synthetic isolates, fillers, binders, artificial additives or preservatives.  They contain pure and potent concentrated wholefoods and herbs that our bodies have been primed for a millennia to absorb, making them highly bio available.

We take pride in our line-up of supplements.  We take them.  We feel the difference that they make to our lives.  We promise to keep searching for the most innovative and effective whole food health supplements from around the world, so you don’t have to.

To your best health,

The Antidote Health Team