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About Sun Chlorella

“Health is not a ‘gift’ but something each person is

responsible for through his or her own daily effort”

  – Hideo Nakayama

Since 1969 Sun Chlorella Corp. have been providing products of the highest quality first in Japan, and now with a global network of 18 offices in 17 countries around the world.  Sun Chlorella A is taken by millions of people from around the world.

Through scientific research and innovation Sun Chlorella pride themselves on delivering the highest quality health foods.  Sun Chlorella Corp. oversees all phases of production from the original culturing of the chlorella to the final delivery to customers.  In nearly 40 years Sun Chlorella Corp. has never had a quality issue.

Wholefood for Your Whole Body

Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a natural and nutritious single celled green algae food supplement.  It is a whole food and is free from synthetic ingredients.  Its unique pulverization process allows the body to maximise its health benefits.  Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contains a rich variety of nutrients including essential amino acids, Vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, vitamin A and manganese.  Easily digested and simple to incorporate into your diet.  Taken by millions worldwide, it is one of the finest Japanese health secrets.

Whole foods, such as Sun Chlorella ‘A’, contain a broad spectrum of nutrients and in amounts perfectly designed by nature, not science.  This ensures that your body receives complete nutrition, nourishing all systems within the body, as opposed to a large dose of a specific synthetic supplement designed to target just one or two functions.

Sun Chlorella ‘A’ Contains:

  • The highest chlorophyll concentration of any other natural plant – to help cleanse and purify the body.
  • The unique Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) – containing nucleic acids which may help to revitalise your body by stimulating cellular re-growth.
  • Protein – 60% of Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is protein, and this includes all essential amino acids.  Those are the ones your body cannot make.
  • Vitamin A – also known as beta carotene, a powerful antioxidant which helps to mop up free radicals, and important for the formation of the pigment in the eye which helps vision in the dark.
  • Vitamin D – Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is very rich in this vitamin which aids in bone and tooth formation.
  • Folic Acid – essential for its key role in normal cell division and the formation of blood cells, with nearly half of your daily allowance in one serving of Sun Chlorella ‘A’.
  • Iron – a serving of Sun Chlorella ‘A’ gives you nearly one third of your recommended daily allowance of this essential nutrient.
  • Fibre – Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contains about 10% fibre, to help move food through your system quickly and effectively.
  • Easily digested nutrition – due to our unique patented process which pulverises the cell walls, leaving all the nutrients intact.

Key Benefits


Sun Chlorella ‘A’ acts as an intestinal broom cleansing the bowel by clinging on to toxins like mercury, aluminium or pesticides in your intestines and then eliminating them as waste.

Digestive Aid

IBS, constipation, improved bowel function


Sun Chlorella ‘A’ offers a daily boost of essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism, reducing tiredness and fatigue.


As well as the unique CGF, Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contains vitamin A which is known to support healthy immune function

Full of Sunshine

Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is grown in natural sunlight and contains vitamin D, which supports bone health and muscle function.

Beauty from Within

The vitamin A in Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin.

Unique Qualities


Sun Chlorella ‘A’ contains a special component, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), encouraging growth and repair of cells and tissues in our bodies.  This process is slowed down by aging, but Sun Chlorella re-stimulates that growth.


Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is packed with chlorophyll, an energy absorbing green pigment from plant sources, rich in amino acids.  Chlorophyll is easily absorbed by the body and transforms into beneficial protein helping build cells, support muscles and repair tissue.

Sun Chlorella ‘A’ for Maximum Absorption

Protected by a tough cell wall, chlorella has remained the same for 540 million years.  The human body does not have an enzyme for breaking down the touch cell wall – therefore chlorella needs to be pulverised for the nutrients to become available for absorption.

That’s why Sun Chlorella ‘A’ uses a unique technology to pulverise the cell wall, dramatically improving digestibility.

The DYNO-MILL process does not involve any chemicals, enzymes or excessive heat.  When chlorella is rotated by the DYNO-MILL at high speed, a vertical interval of atmospheric pressure arises inside the mill.  This pressure difference allows for the pulverisation of almost 95% of the cell wall which is more effective that a “cracked” cell wall which only partially breaks down the wall.

Clean, High-Quality Nutrition – Nothing Added, or Taken Away

Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is grown in carefully selected locations to maximise sun exposure for concentrated CGF production during photosynthesis, and to ensure purity of air quality and spring water from aquifers.