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Instinct Critical Colon 200 Billion 30g – Discontinued


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Product Description

This product has been discontinued by Hippocrates Health Institute


The Instinct probiotic range is a new line of probiotics supplements that have been exclusively formulated for the Hippocrates Health Institute.  What make these probiotics stand out in an already crowded field are the proprietary ingredient of AstraBiotic™ and the additional inclusion of the legendary DDS-1 Strain of Acidophilus developed by Dr. Shem Shanani.  LifeGive Instinct probiotics were developed in 2014 and are the only probiotics that address both the digestion and absorptive functions of probiotics.


The ground-breaking AstraBiotic™ is an essential part of (and the primary differentiating ingredient contained within) LifeGive Instinct probiotics.  It is a unique and proprietary combination of proven ingredients, including several strains of probiotics and protein digesting enzymes along with absorption-enhancing herbal extracts.


LifeGive Instinct Critical Colon 200 Billionwith AstraBiotic™ has been specifically developed for use after taking antibiotics to help replenish the microbiota of the small and large intestines.


LifeGive Instinct Probiotics are room temperature stable, packed in amber glass bottles to provide maximum protection from the environment, that contain a desiccated absorb material and are nitrogen-flushed.  Where necessary, special acid-resistant capsules are utilized to insure the probiotics make it through the acidic environment of the stomach.  All four Instinct Probiotics are non-GMO, non-dairy, non-soy and are vegan approved.

Instinct Super Critical 200 Billion™

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 2 grams (200 billion CFU)



Probiotic Blend:

B. bifidum

L. acidopilus

L. lactis

B. longum

L. rhamnosus

L. casei

B. breve

L. plantarum

B. lactis

L. bulgaricus

L. salivarius


520 mg

84.5 billion CFU

30.0 billion CFU

32.5 billion CFU

10.0 billion CFU

20.0 billion CFU

10.0 billion CFU

7.5 billion CFU

4.5 billion CFU

1.5 billion CFU

500 million CFU

1.0 billion CFU

200 mg













Other ingredients: Inulin, HPAC, water*

EU Recommended Daily Allowance

**RDA not established


Per container: 30g


Servings per container: 15

Suggested use: Take one scoop in water on an empty stomach (2 hours before or after meals) or as directed by your qualified health professional.