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HHI-Zyme 750 – 30% Off Short-Dated Sale


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Product Description


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LifeGive HHI-Zyme complex is a comprehensive premium broad spectrum complex that is uniquely supported by research as an effective digestive aid.  Containing a proprietary blend of proteolytic, lipolytic and carbohydrolytic enzymes LifeGive HHI-Zyme also help assure the maximum amount of available nutrition is obtained from food eaten.


LifeGive HHI-Zyme contains plant-derived enzymes that are stable and a combination of enzymes that remain active over a broad pH range.  This means they work throughout the digestive tract.


A combination of three different proteolytic enzymes are included to achieve maximum digestion of proteins into amino acids throughout the digestive tract and five carbohydrases allowing for a more comprehensive approach to carbohydrate digestion.


Also included are enzymes that hydrolyze non-starch polysaccharides which breakdown anti-nutritive factors commonly found in many vegetable foods including grains, beans and herbs.


A proprietary blend of additional essential nutrients, vitamins and mineral co-factors from natural wholefood sources are added in a proprietary blend of stimulating, supportive and cleansing digestive aids designed to further support healthy digestion and assimilation of foods.


Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 5 capsules



Enzyme Blend:

692.50 mg



33,750 DU


Protease (4.5)

90,000 HUT



35 AGU



625 SU



1,250 DP



875 U


Protease (6.0)

12,500 HUT



937.50 FIP



425 CU



2,000 HCU



15 BGU



15 PU



425 CU



1,250 HUT


Natural Mineral Cofactor Blend: Rice Bran, Bladderwack algae, Kelp algae (Atlantic), Spinach leaf, Wheat grass, Blue-Green Algae.

925 mg


Phytonutrient blend: Apple fibre, Astragalus root, Sunflower lecithin, Suma root, Gymnema sylvestre leaf, Flower pollen extract, Milk thistle seed extract, Trans Ferulic Acid.

222.50 mg


Other ingredients: Vegetable cellulose, water*EU Recommended Daily Allowance; **RDA not established

Suggested use: Take 5 capsules twice daily before each meal.  More may be taken if eating heavier or cooked meals or as recommended by your qualified health professional.


Per container: 750