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EnduraCell 100% Broccoli Sprout 80c – New Lower Price


Product Description

100% Whole Nutrigenomic Myrosinase-Activated Broccoli Sprout Powder


A Highly-Concentrated Source of Broccoli Phytonutrients , Particularly Sulforaphane


Delivering 20—50 times More Phytonutrients than Broccoli


Stimulates Cellular Antioxidant Defences Within the Body


Broccoli Sprouts May Activate Key Enzymes in Liver Detoxification


When produced according to Cell-Logic’s specialised proprietary technology, Broccoli Spouts are a highly-concentrated source of broccoli phytonutrients.  EnduraCell® is a 100% Whole Enzyme-Active Broccoli Sprout powder.  Our unique growing and drying processes ensure that the bioactive precursor and the essential natural enzyme retain maximal activity.  EnduraCell® is grown hydroganically without any herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals.


SPECIAL NOTE: As a natural plant product, the appearance of this product can vary from batch to batch.  Each batch of EnduraCell® has a laboratory-assured consistency of bioactive compounds irrespective of appearance.


Broccoli sprouts when produced according to Cell-Logic’s proprietary Australian technology are a highly-concentrated source of Broccoli phytonutrients.  The benefits of Broccoli in the human diet are well-known.

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 700mg of 100% Pure Nutrigenomic Broccoli Sprout Powder.


100% Nutraceutical-Grade Broccoli Sprout Powder.

Suggested use: Take 1-3 capsules twice daily, or as recommended by your qualified health practitioner.