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Product Description

Relaxing and Rich in Antioxidants


Formally known as Percie du Sert’s Pollen.  All ingredients and processes are the same.

Frozen Bee Pollen Granules

Aristee bee pollen by Pollenergie is derived by using pollen harvested from wild flowers grown in areas far away from heavy crop spraying.

When bees forage among flowers, they are collecting pollen from the stamens.  They form little granules of pollen, which they place in “baskets” on their hind legs.  As they return to the hive, they pass through a grill and some of the pollen granules fall off into a drawer.  The beekeeper immediately collects the fresh pollen and freezes it.  The pollen is then delivered to Pollenergie to be analyzed, inspected and packaged.


Why is it Frozen? 

Fresh pollen deteriorates quickly at ambient temperature, and drying it causes it to lose many of its nutritional properties.  That is why Pollenergie has perfected an exclusive preservation technique for its Aristee pollens.  The pollen is frozen immediately after harvest and then packaged in a protective gas.  A double preservation process that preserves all of its nutritional value.


Pollen may be frozen and defrosted without significant deterioration.  This is due to its low water content.

Storage: Keep frozen.

To defrost, pour the equivalent of 6 tablespoons (enough for a 6 day supply) into a bowl in the refrigerator, do not seal the bowl.  Place the remainder of the package into the freezer.

Repeat when you need more pollen. Unopened packages must be kept frozen (max. 1 year).  Shelf life in the refrigerator is 6 days.


Nutrition Information: Coming soon.

Ingredients: Fresh-frozen Bee pollen from mostly wild Chestnut flowers growing away from crop spraying.

Aristee bee pollen is free from preservatives and colouring.

Per container: 250g

Suggested use: A tablespoon at breakfast, preferably taken with a piece of fruit: the fruit fibers (raw hemicellulose) reinforce the activity of the fresh pollen.  Can also be mixed with yogurt, spreads or cereals.