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Seigen Biofermentics

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Seigen Biofermentics – move beyond probiotics


Widely recommended by health professionals in Japan and the US, Seigen biofermentics is a nutraceutical dietary supplement that’s been shown to provide multiple, diverse structural and functional health benefits.


Seigen has been described as the world’s first super-supplement and was developed in Japan as a result of 70 years of intensive scientific research by Professor Kazuyoshi Masagaki.


Rather than delivering live beneficial bacteria (as traditional probiotics do), Seigen delivers the powerful metabolites produced by such bacteria in a concentrated form.  Seigen is not affected by stomach acid. 


What Are the Benefits of taking Seigen?


Seigen’s health benefits are supported by published studies


Seigen has been shown to improve metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients, immunity, liver and kidney function, to detoxify the whole body, help alleviate stress, sharpen memory, balance intestinal bacterial flora, support healthy energy & stamina, improve restful sleep, and exhibit a powerful anti-oxidant effect.


What’s in Seigen?


Seigen Biofermentics is composed of Lactobacillus fermented extracts.  The complex ‘symbiotic culturing method’ of its production involves a proprietary process by which soy bean milk is fermented by strains of friendly lactobacillus bacteria and by four strains of yeast.


The main ingredients include vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E, Amino acids lysine, arginine, histidine, leucine, glycine, serine, cystine, tryptophan, etc., minerals phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium, soyasaponin, and an array of beneficial fatty acids such as lactic acid, butyric acid, acetic acid and propionic acid. Especially important is the inclusion of the Isoflavones known as genistein and diadzein.


Seigen also contains powerful constituents of lactic acid bacteria and yeast including Muramyl Dipeptide.


How does Seigen Work?


Seigen’s health benefits are supported by published studies.


The human body is equipped with a 24-30 foot muscular “food tube” that begins in your mouth and ends at the lower extremity of the large intestine.  Along the way hundreds of different species of tiny single celled living organisms called bacteria or microbiota, numbering about 100 trillion, are major actors in breaking down food and converting it into absorbable form so that its nutrients can pass into your blood stream.  To remain healthy, care should be taken to eat sufficient vegetables, fruits and fibrous foods to keep the large intestine (colon) clean and functioning optimally.


In the large intestines, fibrous sugars entering the large intestine are broken down by the dominant intestinal bacteria, called Bacteroides, to form simple sugars which are consumed by bifidobacteria.  As a result the bifidobacteria multiply, producing organic acids, including butyric, propionic, acetic and lactic acid.


These acids suppress the growth of non-beneficial bacteria that cause putrefaction.  They also perform other defensive functions such as forming a thick protective layer over the mucus lining of the large intestine preventing non-beneficial bacteria and other toxins from entering the blood stream.


Unabsorbed foods, particularly proteins, feed putrefying bacteria in the large intestines.  As numbers of these harmful bacteria multiply, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other toxins are produced disturbing homeostasis, overloading the liver and other organs, encouraging illness and impacting negatively throughout the body.


Seigen introduces stable and highly beneficial metabolites produced by bacteria which have been raised together in a co-culture to the digestive tract.  It is these metabolites that are the real activators of detoxification, metabolism and digestion.  Seigen strengthens the immune system and significantly increases beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, which in turn suppresses non beneficial bacteria, delaying the aging process and promoting an optimal state of health.