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Veg-Cal 120


Product Description


LifeGive Veg-Cal™ is a naturally occurring vegetable source of calcium from Terminalia arguna bark extract.  Unlike non-organic synthetic sources of calcium that may be difficult to absorb, LifeGive Veg-Cal™ is plant source calcium that is highly bioavailable and also naturally containing magnesium, iron, zinc, chromium and selenium.


Terminalia arguna bark extract is also a rich source of CoQA and CoQ10.


LifeGive Veg-Cal may help to maintain healthy bones and teeth.


Each serving of LifeGive Veg-Cal™ delivers 600mg of calcium.


Ingredients: Terminalia Arjuna bark extract, minimal amount of plant cellulose

Suggested use: Take two capsules twice daily preferably half an hour before meals or as directed by your qualified health professional.


Per container: 120                     


Servings per container: 30